Great to hear the text in all our voices, as we are all involved, concerned, afraid, angry — a beautiful communal ceremony of openness and wondering together. Thank you!
— audience member

“The One Truthiness” welcomes different voices in a community into the same space—the marginalized with the privileged

The unique qualities of art and theater give participants an emotional and physical experience of empathy, introduce them to perspectives outside their own, and in doing so, combat the increasing divisiveness of our current political climate and strengthen political and social movements that support all the members of a community.

Members of all local communities are invited to contribute stories and perspectives, take part in ongoing discussions, attend in groups, and carry the conversation forward within their own collectives. Tell us how “The One Truthiness” can be a part of your existing work.

However your community is defined, “The One Truthiness” has a place for you.


Are you feeling divided?


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