It’s about starting the most important conversation of our generation.
— audience member

The world is breaking into factions. We are pulling away from each other. Our definition of community is narrowing.

We don't believe or trust each other. Our differences are widening, and our shared ideals are being replaced by an unknown future. Increasing insularity reflects our experiences back at ourselves in the guise of a larger truth. Frustration and fear are rising. And the disenfranchised are dying. In the face of this fracturing, whose version of reality wins?

“The One Truthiness” provides an experience of a world where our individual truths are considered side-by-side and layered on top of each other.

Even when we don't want to live in the same world as “the other,” we are still all in the picture together. Can we imagine a reality that includes everyone's truth?

“The One Truthiness” IS A LIVE performance THAT YOU PARTICIPATE IN.

A painting in wax on glass is created in response to a text read aloud by the audience, drawn from Facebook, Twitter, neighborhood newsgroups, personal interviews, and the Conversation on this site. The participants, in effect, play themselves and each other. Different experiences of similar situations are put in conversation with each other, revealing a range of voices that (like life) don’t always agree.

The performance is always paired with a post-show discussion/workshop where participants can reflect on their experience, speak with each other, listen, and explore how the show applies to their lives as a community.

Each show is different.

Produced by Oakland's oldest North American African theater company, Lower Bottom Playaz, in 2018, "The One Truthiness" will be presented as a multi-part series embedded in the community and concerns of Oakland, California and the Bay Area. Each cycle presents completely new content and images reflecting current issues of local concern: race, the role of the police and government, Trumpiness, immigration, safety, success, and personal responsibility. As the project thrives on the input of many perspectives, you are invited to help shape the content and conversation.

Are you feeling divided?

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