What do audiences have to say?

“MIND BLOWING. I'm speechless.”

“The most interesting, thought-provoking, creative performance I have ever been to” 

“It's about starting the most important conversation of our generation.”

“Inciteful. It hurts yet is so inspiring. It made me feel less alone.”

“Profound. Moving. Amazing. This experience has me questioning my truth.” 

“It was thought-provoking, but I am not sure what to do about my thoughts.”

“Provocative and brilliantly performed” 

“As a longtime resident, made invisible, I was grateful to hear my voice.”

“I was able to see where the opinions of people I don't often think about came from.”

“A relief. A breath of air. An acknowledgment of the complexities. Thank you for a healing, relieving, meaningful experience. Thank you for giving voice to what is inside my heart.”

“Richly disturbing and affirming, delightfully complex, challenging, transformative, powerful art. Art on a scale grander than imagination”

“I am taller walking out.”

“Beautiful, powerful, poignant, should not be missed” 

“We talked about it all weekend.”

"One of the best shows I’ve seen this year, and I see about 2–3 theater/art shows a month”

“Shows us how little we see, how little we know, how little we understand”

“I've never seen anything like it.”

“The most selfless piece of performance art I've ever seen.”

“I have been thinking about Charlie’s ‘Single Point Perspective’ show all day. Could you please let her know how thought provoking, challenging and ultimately uplifting I found her show? It is so difficult in the midst of a complex and challenging societal discourse to clear out a space to look at the dialogue from a new and illuminating perspective. Charlie brought so many artistic and intellectual strands together in a sort of a real time, interactive tapestry — I am still trying to figure out how she created such a magical experience from seemingly simple ingredients. The music was hypnotic, the readings exquisitely chosen and the painting was spellbinding. Thank you!”

“I am changed by you and your work, a tiny bit more open, a bit more bold, very encouraged and ever pragmatically optimistic.”

“I knew I was in the presence of a truly inspiring artist when I experienced this at the 2016 SF International Arts Festival. Her visionary conceptual approach to the traditionally solo endeavor of visual artistry transforms the process of individual creation into a totally participatory experience with her audience as well as with her collaborating musician. Her spontaneously painted images on a transparent glass screen are inspired by the passages read aloud by each audience member buoyed by musical accompaniment, and captured the mood, passion, and compassion of the spoken words and the ambience in the chapel. This interactive gestalt involved everyone present in the improvisatory creation of Charlie's work, which is only fully revealed in its surprising, illuminated splendor as the end of the performance. I am thrilled to be collaborating with Charlie on her upcoming ‘The One Truthiness’ project.”



What divisions do you feel?